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We offer a fully digital prepress department with Delano soft proofing/web approval available, Sublima's advanced screening technology, Apogee X Workflow and computer-to-plate technology.

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We offer a fully digital prepress department with Delano soft proofing/web approval available, Sublima's advanced screening technology, AGFA Apogee Prepress Workflow and computer-to-plate technology.

Web Presses

Hantscho Mark VI 23-9/16" x 38" Heatset Web Offset with MicroColor Digital Ink and Registration Control System


6 Perfecting Printing Units and folding delivery and sheeter delivery


Sheetfed Press

6-Color Roland 634

(28" X 40")






Perfect Binding

Cyrus D. Watkins

C. Donald Watkins

Dwight L. Watkins

The History of The Watkins Printing Company


The history of The Watkins Printing Company started when Cyrus Watkins and Carl Eierman bought a small commercial printing company in 1923 and formed a partnership known as Watkins and Eierman. 


Watkins and Eierman operated as a job letterpress printer profitably through the 1920's but began to struggle, as did all business during the beginning of The Great Depression.  On the day of the infamous Bank Holiday in 1933, another disastrous event struck the partnership with the untimely auto collision and death of partner Carl Eierman.


Cy Watkins, struggling with the terrible existing business conditions, was somehow able to keep his focus and convinced the bank to loan him enough capital to buyout the interests of heir Eierman and continue to operate as The Watkins Printing Company.  The business continued to operate profitably through the 1930s and the war years of the 1940's.


In the late 1940's, after the end of World War II, his sons, Don and Dwight, entered the business and successfully changed the letterpress operation to the new and more efficient offset lithography multicolor printing process.


The second-generation progression through the 1950 - 1980's period climaxed with the introduction of heatset web offset.


In the 1980's, the third generation, consisting of Dwight's daughter and two sons; Tamara, David and Eric, came on the scene and successfully transitioned the company into the current mode of production automation including digital prepress, press-auto color and registration control and in-line binding and mailing.


In 2004, Dwight's son-in-law; William Green, joined the team in sales. Tamara and Eric became the sole Co-Owners of the company in 2008. The company welcomed Tamara and William's daughter Emily in sales in 2011. Emily is the 1st member of the fourth generation. Her brother Brock joined the team in Logistics in 2014.


We are all proud of our heritage and are working very hard to keep our family traditions alive by focusing on and keeping abreast of the efficiencies that best meet our clients needs.

The Watkins Printing Company is celebrating 100 Years in 2023! 

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